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2.0 Release Notes

2.0 Release delivers data actions and functionality to give you control and assist you on the path towards Data Mastery.

This release includes everything in 2.0 Beta Release Notes as well as:

  • Manual Export by Query – Query all sources and export data in native format
  • Manual Download – Download files directly to browser, 100mb/zip file
  • Manual Delete – Delete selected files from source
  • Actions Permissions – Permit users to take manual actions
  • Audit – Records events such as data actions
  • OCR on images in PDF – Index content from images in PDF documents
  • Document Specific Fields – Expose and query document related meta tags
  • Updates to the Scan Page – Enhanced control of scan settings at the file path level
  • New targets – Move data from data source to Azure Blob and SMB

Manual Export by Selection

Query data and execute a one time export to a target, in native format.

Query against all data sources and isolate that information for further review or processing in configured targets. This enables a wide range of compliance and data hygiene use cases.

Learn how to Export by Selection here

Manual Download

Sometimes it is necessary to visually check the contents of a given file.

Manual download allows users to select up to 100MB of data and download direct to your browser, opening new opportunities to review and inspect your data.

Learn how to manually download here

Manual Delete

Take command of your data. Clean out Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial (ROT) data by selecting and deleting files, directly from Aparavi platform

Learn how to delete here

Actions Permission

Great power comes with great responsibility. A new permission has been created to grant privileged users the ability to act on the new data actions.

Manual Delete
Manual Download
Manual Export


All actions will be associated to the data file so that a clear “Chain of custody” is available.

Copy Actions
Manual Delete
Manual Download
Manual Export

Audits will include
Action taken
Identify of user

All fields will be searchable though the query builder.

Learn how to leverage audit logs here


2.0 Release adds Azure Blob and SMB to the lineup of supported targets, expanding the possibilities within the Aparavi ecosystem. Configuration parameters will vary based on the target type.
Supported data targets include:

  • File System
  • SMB
  • AWS s3
  • AWS s3 Compatible
  • Azure Blob

OCR for PDF Files

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality now indexes characters inside of images on PDF files.

The most common use case are physical documents that have been converted into PDF files.

Learn how to configure a source with OCR here

Document Specific Fields

Query into important document specific fields to query values important for clean up and ROT use cases.

For instance, query when Microsoft Word docs were created, modified, and by whom!

  • Document Created Date
  • Document Modified Time
  • Document Modified By
  • Document Author

Updates to the Scan page

Optimize scans and resource consumption by configuring scan settings at the file path level. More control, on your journey towards data master.

The new layout allows users to clearly see exactly what is getting scanned and make fine grain decisions.

Learn how to configure scan settings at the file path level

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