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2.0.6 Release Notes

The 2.0.6 Release delivers bug fixes and upgrades for the topics below:

  • Preventing Modifications During Scans: aggregators will now wait for tasks to complete before upgrading the platform or applying new policy changes.
  • Manual Export by Selection: query all sources and export up to 10,000 files at once in their native format.
  • Import Policies to Update Platform

Please Note: This release also includes the features within the 2.0 Beta Release and 2.0 Release notes.

Preventing Modifications During Scans

Prohibiting aggregators from applying new policy changes allows the system to complete the scan without interrupting the current task in progress. This will also prevent the system from upgrading while performing scans, ensuring that the process completes without failure.

Learn how to Configure & Scan Sources

Manual Export by Selection

Previously the system would only allow 1,000 files to be exported by selection at once. The platform has now been enhanced, permitting exports of 10,000 files to the local host machine. This feature enables numerous compliance and data hygiene use cases, as well as migrating files between storage systems, or simply extracting data to review the files.

Learn how to Manually Export Files by Selection

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