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Order of Precedence for Folder Paths


The system gives precedence to the folder path that appears first in the include and exclude paths sections.

Order of Precedence

If multiple paths contain the same root directory, the system will scan the first occurrence of the subfolder and skip any additional instances. Due to the hierarchical manner, any subfolders should appear above the larger folder path. This ensures the system will use the subfolder entry for additional scans, instead of the subfolder in the common directory.


The system should not scan and index the folders and files on the C: drive, with the exception of the [Expense Reports] subfolder.

Within the Include Path section, the [Expense Reports] subfolder should appear above the C:drive path configured.

Correct Path Entry

The system will correctly scan and index the subfolder, since it’s listed before the folder path that contains the same subfolder.

  1. Index On: C:\Users\New York Office\Expense Reports
  2. Index Off: C:\
Correct Ordering
Subfolder Scanned

Incorrect Path Entry

The subfolder path is not the first listed in the Include Paths section, so the system will only scan the subfolder using the root directory entry. The system will then skip the subfolder instance for all subsequent scans.

  1. Index Off: C:\
  2. Index On: C:\Users\New York Office\Expense Reports
Incorrect Ordering
Directory Instance Scanned

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