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Supported Platforms


This article communicates the supported operating systems and databases for installation of the Aparavi Aggregator-Collector, Aggregator, and Collector. In addition, this article details supported source types, target types, and browsers. 


Operating System Support 

The Aparavi software is supported on the following operating systems. 

Windows OS (x64 only) 

  • Windows Server 2019  
  • Windows Server 2016  
  • Windows Server 2012 R2  
  • Windows 101

1 Supported for Collector installation. Not as an Aggregator 

Linux OS (x64 only)2

  • Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 
  • Debian 9.x and 10 
  • Red Hat (RHEL) 8.x 
  • CentOS 8.x 
  • Suse Enterprise 15 

2 Linux distributions must have libc 2.29 or greater installed 

Resource Requirements

  • Aggregator & Collector Server
    • CPU: 4-8 cores
    • Memory: 64 GB Minimum
    • Disk: minimum 25% of data source plus 64GB for Virtual Paging

For further resources specifications please discuss with a Aparavi Data Expert.

Database Support 

The Aggregator and Aggregator-Collector require a database to store file metadata. The database may be installed on the same server as an Aggregator or on a separate server accessible by the Aggregator. Multiple Aggregators may access the same database. Supported database types include: 

  • MySQL 8.0.28 and higher
  • MySQL 8.1.0

Data Sources 

Aparavi software can access files systems on which the Aggregator-Collector or Collector is installed. In addition, Aparavi can access files using the SMB file share protocol. Over time the supported source types will grow to include other options.  

Supported data sources include the following. 

File Systems3

  • Windows file systems 
  • Linux file systems 
  • SMB file share protocols – 2.x and 3.x 

3 To access Windows file shares from Linux servers, Samba client libraries (libsmbclient) will be automatically installed by Aparavi on the Linux server. To access Linux files shares from Windows servers, Samba server libraries must be installed and configured on the linux server. 


Aparavi functionality such as administration, reporting, and search capabilities are all accessed by logging into the Aparavi portal by using one of the following supported browsers.  

Browser Windows Linux MacOS 
Google Chrome Yes Yes Yes 
Microsoft Edge Yes No No 
Mozilla Firefox Yes Yes Yes 
Safari No No Yes 
Supported browsers

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