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Status – Workers


Located on the third subtab under the Dashboard Status subtab, the Workers subtab will display status information about the active worker nodes which are responsible to carry out tasks.


  • Worker Status Columns

Workers Display

There are no clickable elements as shown, but rather this screen is used to display status information about each active worker node.

Status – Workers

Worker Status Columns

  • Worker Name – The name which identifies the active worker node.
  • Type – Will show Static for an installed node, with other states reserved for future use.
  • CPUs – The number of CPUs reported for the worker node.
  • CPU Util [%] – The percentage of CPU capability currently being used.
  • Memory – The amount of memory currently used and the total available.
  • Memory Util [%] – The percent of total available memory currently being used.
  • Active Tasks – How many tasks currently in progress.

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